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Allen Hirashiki: How To Keep Bootstrapping Team Together and Moving Forward

Allen Hirashiki gave a briefing at the Tue-Oct-17 Bootstrappper Breakfast in Sunnyvale on team and project management practices he had found effective in keeping the Mindframers bootstrapping team together and moving forward on the design of a complex wearable device. Here is the description for the breakfast and a handout that Allen provided to summarize

Josh Anderson on Bootstrapping FreeDNS

Josh Anderson, founder of FreeDNS, shared “Lessons Learned Bootstrapping FreeDNS” at the Feb-24-2017 Bootstrapper Breakfast at Red Rock in Mountain View.

Liz Fraley on Bootstrapping an Expertise-Enabled Startup

Here are my notes on Liz Fraley’s briefing on “Bootstrapping an expertise-enabled startup” at the Tue-Feb-21 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale.

Hardware Startup Lessons Learned: Risk & Cost Management, Building Your Prototype and Pilot Hardware to Ensure Successful Production Ramp

Bob Mattoon, President of ISC Networks, will share tips for building your prototype and transitioning your product to production. He will be discussing best practices for methodically generating your pilot product and to focus on its functionality. His expert tips come from many years of managing supply chain and contract manufacturers (onshore and offshore) through

Travis Johnson discuss formation of Foodjunky and pivots driven by customer feedback

A couple of weeks ago, Jeremy Brinkerhoff had the chance to interview a Chicago bootstrapper and founder of Foodjunky, Travis Johnson. Jeremy:  Please give us a brief description of your company. Travis:  Foodjunky simplifies the way companies order food for group meetings. Instead of going around with a menu asking what everyone wants, you use

Thank you from Charlie

Recently I got this from the Philadelphia's Bootstrappers Breakfast meetup group. I think it sums up our meetings very well .... I just wanted to mention that is was an absolute pleasure meeting and getting to know everyone this morning ... What a very impressive group of individuals! I would also like to thank each

Bootstrappers’ Breakfast Interview with Rentalutions’ Ryan Coon

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to interview a long-time Chicago bootstrapper, Ryan Coon founder of Rentalutions.  Ryan was very candid about his lessons learned and I appreciate his willingness to share and help others. Theresa: Please tell us briefly about yourself? Ryan: I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, but

Finding Cofounders

Please share how you meet your cofounder. If you have more than one, select all that apply. Coming Soon: What kind of things did you look for in a cofounder? More polls

Matthew Wensing on Bootstrapping Stormpulse

Matt Wensing started bootstrapping Stormpulse with a co-founder in 2006, building on an app Wensing developed from a personal interest in tracking tropical cyclones.  He has a thought provoking blog where posted this video on "Bootstrapping Survival Lessons" The sound quality is not great and he has  slow start but stick with it, it's a

Interview with Carl Ludewig

Disha Bheda is our coordinator for the San Francisco Breakfasts. She interviewed Carl Ludewig, CEO of Ludewig Multimedia and a frequent moderator at the San Francisco Breakfasts. Carl Ludewig is CEO of Ludewig Multimedia. Carl wants to change the way applications are developed by empowering designers and business users. In a world where the cloud,