What are the meetings like?

The meeting format is as follows:

  1. Show up
  2. Order breakfast
  3. Round-the-table introductions and issues to discuss later
  4. Clarifying questions and discussion of issues raised by attendees
  5. Converse one-on-one afterwards

We would like to keep the total count at each table to 6-12 just so everyone has a chance to interact over the course of a 90 minute discussion. So please RSVP.

What do attendees say about the group?

“Good mix of business experience with technical know-how and eager ‘new’ entrepreneurs.”

“This is the one networking event that I try to never miss. It is relaxed and fun and I always learn something. Well worth the time and a great place to network and learn.”

“Hi all, I am from Singapore and happened to be in SFO this month and decided to join the session. Met 3 great folks: Priyanka, Sasha and Tommy! Everyone shared openly on how I should go about trying to bring my startup to the US and I felt energized by the enthusiasm, hospitality and most of all openness to share best practices and learnings! I am grateful for the session and hope I can continue to learn from this group! Thanks much!” – Andrew Chai, founder of younnikly.com

“I’ve lived in several cities and have attended a number of meetups for entrepreneurs over the ten years that I’ve been active, but I’ve never engaged with a group that has been as valuable to me as the Bootstrappers’ Breakfast. The group really takes a genuine interest in what I am working on and consistently offers insightful food-for-thought and no-nonsense advice at each meeting.” Adam Starrh, co-founder Almond King Pvt. Ltd.

Other attendees will all be in early stage technology startups, it will be a chance to compare notes on operational, development, and business issues with peers.

For more information about what Bootstrapper Breakfast meetings are like, check out:

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