The meeting format is as follows:

  1. Folks arrive and network
  2. We take seats around large table for 12 folks and order.
  3. We go around the room and everyone has 2 minutes to introduce themselves and their company. They can also put one or more issues on the table for discussion later.
  4. We recap and condense the discussion items into clusters as appropriate and then have the person(s) who raised the issue spend another minute or two explaining it in more detail.
  5. Other members of the group make comments, offer suggestions, or ask clarifying questions.
  6. We end promptly, but there is time afterward for one on one discussions between attendees.

We would like to keep the total count at each table to 12-18 just so everyone has a chance to interact over the course of a 90 minute discussion. So please RSVP.

What do attendees say about the group?

“Good mix of business experience with technical know-how and eager ‘new’ entrepreneurs.”

“This is the one networking event that I try to never miss. It is relaxed and fun and I always learn something. Well worth the time and a great place to network and learn.”

Other attendees will all be in early stage technology startups, it will be a chance to compare notes on operational, development, and business issues with peers.

For more information about what Bootstrapper Breakfast meetings are like, check out: