valuable conversations

Valuable Conversations

Proud to be part of this!

“I learned about ways to overcome mental blocks and burnouts. I’ve got introduced to amazing founders who helped me formulate my next steps. I’ve got introduces to people who helped verify and improve our vision. Many other resources were freely shared during these meaningful meetings.” – Moneef

Excellent focus

“This was full of exceptional sharing of experiences and simple truths for startups to gain insight for decisions thee facing at any point in their process. It’s so rare to come across such invaluable conversation that can be embraced and applied to the thinking necessary to avoid mistakes, evaluate the process, and strategize for current and future action. I’ll definitely be back for more sessions. Thank you for providing a platform and forum for this part of the business world.” – Mark Franko

Good tips from good people

“Thanks for tolerating all my questions! It was very useful.” – Cindi Thompson

Great feedback on Pie Slicing

“Got several useful perspectives on Pie Slicing, very helpful and timely.” – Ian Garmaise

A beautiful balance of personal connection and business focus.

“I really enjoyed hearing the personal experiences of other people trying to build and grow their businesses. Hearing the different perspectives was invaluable.” – Mark Tweddle

Great one liners from the breakfast

“Banquet of squirrels”
“Don’t take an engagement ring to the coffee date”

Other take aways:

Grants are done in 3 stages:

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Concept Paper
  3. Full Proposal


For more information about what Bootstrappers’ Breakfast meetings are like, check out:

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