Silicon Valley Roundup for Feb-Mar-2017

A Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in Feb-Mar 2017 Wed-Feb-1 at Split Bread in San Francisco: Steven Kim Offers a Briefing on "Deep Work for Bootstrappers: How To Double Your Productivity" Steven Kim, our featured attendee, is profiled in "Founder Story: Steven Kim of edify.me." He will discuss how he applied lessons from Cal Newport's

Silicon Valley November/December 2016 Roundup

A roundup of events for November & December 2016 for Bootstrappers Breakfast Peer Advisory Board: Revenue Growth Planning For Your Business in 2017 Sat-Nov-19 9:30am to Noon at Pacific Workplaces Sunnyvale. This is an Open House for Mastermind Group that complements the Bootstrapper Breakfast meetings. Bring your 2017 plans–and 2016 lessons learned–and let’s get a

Silicon Valley Roundup for October & November 2016

A roundup of events for October & November 2016 for Bootstrappers Breakfast Cofounder Academy: Explore Your Fit With Potential Startups Mon-Oct-17 at Hacker Dojo. Finding the right startup to join is hard. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. In an effort to help the startup community and provide entrepreneurs

Recap from Fri-Aug-26 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Mountain View

Great conversation this morning at Red Rock.  Here are a couple of topics we covered. Scoping a Hardware Project I mentioned two consulting organizations that have "post a project" pages you can use to submit small projects to help scope a design or review a project plan (as well as larger projects) http://patca.org/post-a-project/ http://californiaconsultants.org/post-a-project/ A

Dave Saxby: 8 Things You Should Think About (A Lot) Before You Start a Company

Our featured attendee for Tue-Aug-16-2016 in Sunnyvale was David Saxby of SaxbyIoT, he offered a practical briefing on "8 things you should think about (a lot) before you start a company: lessons learned from founding six startups." Dave shared lessons learned from Altera, Parallan, Scotts Valley Instruments, Storymail, Ultimate HD and starting up the PC Server Division

Notes from Tue-Jul-19 Breakfast in Sunnyvale

Here are my notes from the Tuesday July 19 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale. Bootstrapper Breakfast notes from Tue-Jul-19 Q: I don't want to be one of those people who is constantly having to hustle for business. A: The elevator to success is out of order; you will have to take the stairs. (with apologies to Joe Girard).

Silicon Valley July/August 2016 Roundup

BB Channels: @bootstrappers | LinkedIn Group | Blog | Meetups: SV | SF | East Bay A roundup of events for July/August 2016 for Bootstrappers Breakfast Sunnyvale Bootstrapper Breakfast Tue-July-19 at 7:30am at Specialty's 605 Tasman Drive 94089, Sunnyvale, CA across from light rail station. Order at counter, we are at the big table in

Silicon Valley July 2016 Roundup

BB Channels: @bootstrappers | LinkedIn Group | Blog | Meetups: SV | SF | East Bay Steve Ganz, co-author of "Silicon Valley Speak" is our featured attendee at the June 24 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Mountain. He will be talking about "Practical Tips for Networking In Valley" and will also answer questions on his new book

Silicon Valley May 2016 Roundup

BB Channels: @bootstrappers | LinkedIn Group | Blog | Meetups: SV | SF | East Bay A roundup of events for May 2016 for Bootstrappers Breakfast "Make every decision--whether to expand the business, raise money, promote  someone--according to what's best for your customers." Derek Sivers San Francisco Bootstrapper Breakfast Wed-May-4 at 9am at Specialty's on 1

Silicon Valley January 2016 Event Roundup

BB Channels: @bootstrappers | LinkedIn Group | Blog | Meetups: SV | SF | East Bay A roundup of events for January 2016 for Bootstrappers Breakfast "We're already being studied by the future." George Murray San Francisco Bootstrapper Breakfast Wed-Jan-6 at 9am at Specialty's on Post St. Palo Alto Bootstrapper Breakfast Fri-Jan-8 at 7:30am at