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Advice from PadGoRound’s founder Rosanne Clementi

Below is Austin Rettinhouse's PadGoRound's founder Rosanne Clementi Austin: For readers, can you briefly introduce yourself and what you’ve been working on? Rosanne: Sure! My name is Rosanne Clementi, and I am the developer of the PadGoRound. The PadGoRound is an adjustable tablet holder that I have been working on for around the last three

These Breakfasts Have a Dress Code: Boots with Straps!

Image credit: saddako / 123RF Stock Photo Looking back, as Bootstrappers Breakfast Tampa Bay Area celebrates completion of a year of meaningful meetups, it is becoming clear that its success story is that of a newcomer tripping over a pressure cooker of a city that was already steaming with entrepreneurial energy that could

Ramesh Sambasivan host Tampa Bay Bootstrappers Breakfast

Ramesh Sambasivan is the co-founder and board member at iTradeFair.com, Inc. a software-as-a-service enhancing enterprise exhibition experiences since 1999.  He considers himself a life-long student of business, strategy, and of design as a medium for positive change.  He is active in startup circles in Philadelphia and Tampa and enjoys coordinating and mentoring at a local