Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in March 2021. These events are all offered online at no charge.

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in March 2021

We offer online Bootstrappers Breakfast events in three time zones. All of these events are online and offered at no charge.

Fri-Mar-5th 8:30am PST / 11:30am EST Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast
Hosts: Sean Murphy and CJ Lipe

Thur-Mar-11th 7:00 pm PST Lean Culture:  “Start with Mindset”
Host: Theresa Shafer
Description: The challenge today isn’t building more products (even a quick and dirty MVP), but rather taking the requisite time to uncover the right product to build. In this talk, Ash Maurya will make the case for why success today is driven by differing mindsets versus differing skillsets. He’ll share practical models for using these mindsets to uncover, design, and build products that matter.
About the Speaker: Ash Maurya is praised for offering some of the best and most practical advice for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs all over the world. Driven by the search for better and faster ways for building successful products, Ash has developed a continuous innovation framework for raising the odds of early product success built upon principles and techniques drawn from Lean Startup, Business Modeling Design, Design Thinking, Jobs-to-be-Done, Behavioral Science, and Systems thinking.

Fri-Mar-12th 8:30am PST / 11:30am EST San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast Online
Hosts: Jordan Geiman and Priyanka Lalwani

Tue-Mar-16th 5:30am PST/ 8:30 am EST  East Coast Virtual Bootstrappers Breakfast
Michael Krupit and Ralph Thorn

Tue-Mar-16 8:30am PST / 11:30am EST Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfast
Hosts: Sean Murphy and CJ Lipe

Thu-Mar-18 8:30am CST / 9:30am EST Virtual Bootstrappers Breakfast for Chicago /Midwest
Host: Travis Johnson

Fri-Mar-26th 8:30am PST / 11:30am EST Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast “Networking for Introverts”
Hosts: Sean Murphy and CJ Lipe
Featured Attendee: Theresa Shafer will give a short briefing on “Networking for Introverts”

SKMurphy Mastermind Open Houses

We have two open houses for our paid Mastermind groups. You can get your questions answered about what’s involved in an SKMurphy Mastermind and meet others who are considering joining. The Bootstrapper Breakfasts are a great way to get perspectives on challenges you face, the Mastermind group allows you to meet with the same group of entrepreneurs twice a month for two hours so that over time everyone gets to know everyone else’s business quite well. Learn how a group of trusted peers can give you an extra competitive advantage in your business.

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