passion and pitfalls of entrepreneurship

Passion and Pitfalls of Entrepreneurship Panel on February 16, 2021

We recently chatted with our Bootstrappers Breakfast moderators as they reflect on what they have seen over the years with startups. As moderators, they have seen it all and have some fun stories to tell about the passion and pitfalls of entrepreneurship. They shared their views looking forward to future opportunities.

  • Mike Krupit, Philly
  • Travis Johnson, Chicago
  • Jordan Geiman, San Francisco
  • Sean Murphy, Silicon Valley and founder of Bootstrappers Breakfast
  • Chuck Hall – moderator

In the video below meetings, the volunteer moderators share what meetings are like.


In the video snippet below, Travis Johnson and Mike Krupit reflect on the type of founders they have seen over the years moderating the Bootstrappers Breakfast meetings.


In the video below, the moderators shared how members can get the most out of the bootstrappers breakfast community.


The following video is one example of advice to a peer founder about MVPs.

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