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Why did you start your business?

One exercise that is very useful for entrepreneurs is to have them tell their origin story. 

The best origin stories explain why you started your business. 

  • What led you to solve your problem for a specific type of customer?
  • What led you to focus on this particular problem?
  • When did you take an interest in solving the specific problem?
  • As you worked in this area, what have you learned? 

Developing and telling your story allows you to summarize your learnings so they can be reviewed and enhanced. 

If you’ve got this down, this becomes conversation starter, with prospects

  • Have you experienced this? 
  • What is your theory here? 
  • What is your model of what’s going on? 
  • Why isn’t this working?
  •  Why are you having this problem? 
  • What solution are you looking for? 
  • What is the nature of the constraints on that solution? 
  • What would make it more acceptable or less acceptable or unacceptable? 

Additionally, you can use your story to attract other people to help. People that may become advisors, team members, or early customers.

Telling, writing down, and refining your origin story is part of a longer journey of getting your business out of your head and articulating it. You can then use it to build a team and find prospects and customers. 

Below is an easy way to record your origin story.

PS. I am happy to send a copy to you. It would be great for you to post on your LinkedIn profile.

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