Think Like Silicon Valley by Jorge Zavala

Jorge Zavala wrote “Think Like Silicon Valley” to help startup founders planning a trip to Silicon Valley understand the culture and innovation mindset unique to the region.

Think Like Silicon Valley by Jorge Zavala

Jorge Zavala Think Like Silicon ValleyJorge Zavala attended yesterday’s Bootstrapper Breakfast in Silicon Valley and handed out copies of his book, “Think Like Silicon Valley.” The book is a quick read that offers practical advice for founders planning a trip to Silicon Valley, particularly startups from Central and South America. Jorge mentioned he kept the core content to 90 pages so that founders could read it on the plane to help prepare for their visit.

Zavala said he wanted to translate his experiences as a newcomer into practical tips for understanding the Silicon Valley mindset.

  1. Don’t waste people’s time by arriving late or unprepared for a business meeting. Most in Silicon Valley are willing to help startups, but everyone is pressed for time.
  2. Prepare for a networking event before you arrive, be clear on your goals and who you want to talk to. Have a short (30-60s) elevator pitch explaining what you are working on and who you are interested in talking to.
  3. At a networking event, take a minute to understand what the person you are talking to does and what they are looking for. See if you can help.
  4. Always follow up after a business meeting or a good conversation at an event. Summarize what you learned, thank them for their time, and offer assistance if you can.
  5. Zavala identifies the ability to put your early product into the hands of people or firms who can use it and benefit from it as a core skill of many Silicon Valley firms. Understand what criteria and tactics the people you are talking to use to create value for prospects and see how to apply that to your startup.

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