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Thank you from Charlie

Recently I got this from the Philadelphia's Bootstrappers Breakfast meetup group. I think it sums up our meetings very well .... I just wanted to mention that is was an absolute pleasure meeting and getting to know everyone this morning ... What a very impressive group of individuals! I would also like to thank each

Bootstrappers’ Breakfast Interview with Rentalutions’ Ryan Coon

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to interview a long-time Chicago bootstrapper, Ryan Coon founder of Rentalutions.  Ryan was very candid about his lessons learned and I appreciate his willingness to share and help others. Theresa: Please tell us briefly about yourself? Ryan: I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, but

Finding Cofounders

Please share how you meet your cofounder. If you have more than one, select all that apply. Coming Soon: What kind of things did you look for in a cofounder? More polls

Matthew Wensing on Bootstrapping Stormpulse

Matt Wensing started bootstrapping Stormpulse with a co-founder in 2006, building on an app Wensing developed from a personal interest in tracking tropical cyclones.  He has a thought provoking blog where posted this video on "Bootstrapping Survival Lessons" The sound quality is not great and he has  slow start but stick with it, it's a

Interview with Carl Ludewig

Disha Bheda is our coordinator for the San Francisco Breakfasts. She interviewed Carl Ludewig, CEO of Ludewig Multimedia and a frequent moderator at the San Francisco Breakfasts. Carl Ludewig is CEO of Ludewig Multimedia. Carl wants to change the way applications are developed by empowering designers and business users. In a world where the cloud,

Geva Solomonovich at Palo Alto BB November 4

Francis Adanza interviewed Geva Solomonovich, an early employee at Fraud Sciences which was acquired by Paypal for 170M. Francis noted: Geva joined the company while it was still a startup and played a significant role in helping the company grow. I thought the Bootstrappers Breakfast community might benefit from Geva's lessons learned. In addition to this Q&A

Interview with K. V. Rao, Chief Strategist and Founder of Zuora

On Tuesday, April 19 we have a special quest K.V. Rao, Founder and Chief Strategist of  Zuora, a leader in subscription billing and payment solutions -- will answer questions and give us insight on how he has made his company successful. Today, I had the opportunity to sit down with K. V. Rao, Chief Strategist

Lessons Learned in Bootstrapping Central Desktop

On February 11, 2010 Isaac Garcia, co-founder and CEO of Central Desktop will join Bootstrappers Breakfast® as our featured guest.  Central Desktop, founded in 2005, delivers a cloud-based social collaboration platform.  Their online collaboration solution helps businesses manage projects and documents in the cloud with colleagues, customers and partners. Isaac oversees business strategy and sales

Jeff Pesek Chats at Minnesota Breakfast Sept 28 7:30am

Join us at the Minneapolis  Bootstrappers Breakfast this Thursday, September 28 at 7:30AM when Jeff Pesek will give us some insights on his experiences as a technical space entrepreneur.   He will compare the practices of bootstrapping lean startups versus startups that have needed--or taken--venture capital money for their success. Jeff Pesek is a co-founder

Ryan Gilbert Interview

Francis Adanza e-mailed this interview in today. Ryan Gilbert will be joining us at a future Bootstrapper Breakfast to talk about his experiences in more detail. Today, I was able to sit down with Ryan Gilbert, a serial entrepreneur who is most recently recognized for taking his company PropertyBridge from idea to exit. PropertyBridge is