Silicon Valley May 2016 Roundup

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A roundup of events for May 2016 for Bootstrappers Breakfast

“Make every decision–whether to expand the business, raise money,
promote  someone–according to what’s best for your customers.” Derek Sivers

San Francisco Bootstrapper Breakfast Wed-May-4 at 9am at Specialty’s on 1 Post St.

Palo Alto Bootstrapper Breakfast Fri-May-6 at 7:30am at Hobees eMOBUS acquisition: how bootstrappers close the deal. Featured  attendees: Moe Arnaiz, CEO of eMOBUS, and Mathieu Guilmineau, CTO of eMOBUS. They are going to share lessons learned bootstrapping eMOBUS through several evolutions in service model and technology infrastructure to a recent acquisition by Asentinel.

East Bay Bootstrapper Breakfast Tue-May-10 at 9am at Rockridge Cafe in Oakland

“Hindsight is 20/20, but only if you are looking back.” George Murray

Sunnyvale Bootstrapper Breakfast Tue-May 17 7:30am at Specialty’s  (New Venue) 605 Tasman Drive 94089, Sunnyvale, CA across from light rail station. Order at counter, we are at the big table in the back

Mountain View Bootstrappers Breakfast Fri-May-27 9am on 2nd floor of Red Rock Coffee two blocks from Mountain View Train Station. Please arrive early enough to order at the downstairs counter so that we start at 9am upstairs in the Nook area.

Looking for entrepreneurs to share lessons learned: If you know someone who would be a good featured attendee for 2016  we are looking for folks willing to share lessons learned from their entrepreneurial journey. Here are summaries of three recent talks:

We are fortunate to have CJ Lipe as our coordinator for South Bay Bootstrapper Breakfasts, she provides contract administrative support for startups and executives, she can be reached at 510-410-5285

Sean Murphy 408-252-9676
See our March/April 2016 Newsletter on Lead Generation

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