Money Saving Tips 2015

money saving tipsRecently, we had an interesting Bootstrappers Breakfast about money saving tips and expense tracking.  Tri Hoang, President at Alpha B Group, kicked off the discussion by sharing her “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned:Expense Tracking Resources“.  A couple of key resources she sees used by many of her clients are:

  • Expensify for expense reports
  • PayMo for expense invoicing
  • Gusto Payroll for payroll
  • for receipts and mileage

Others resources around the table shared

Other money saving tips

  • Buying laptops on ebay
  • Review software subscription a couple of times a year
  • Kakak and for travel savings
  • Usually the best time to book is 6 week out for flights. Flights get more expensive as it gets closer to the date. Hotels are opposite, they become cheaper if demand is low.

Here is the handout from Tri’s briefing:

Expense Tracking – Alpha BExpense Tracking - Alpha B

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