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Highlights from Chicago’s meeting

Here are some highlights: WRITING an e-book. Even if there aren't a ton of initial, direct readers, being "published" can have multiple secondary benefits: lends credibility, can lead to speaking engagements... Ning.com was recommended as a tool for building community sites. A couple of tips for freelance consultants: It's important to have a deliverable that you

Why get involved in a startup?

The San Francisco group listed a few reasons, they were in a startup: Control Money Build something you owe Independence Flexibility Change the world Build things Impact lives Nature Creative expression Fun Lifestyle Add your reason ....

Chicago: Notes from latest meeting

Here are some highlights from the meeting. - As you're developing your business, if your technological capabilities aren't fully developed yet, Focus on great customer service ("Get them a pizza"). Be attentive, spend face-to-face time with them. Do the technical stuff yourself (you or someone in your company). Good customer service and "faking it" operations-wise

Managing Advisers – one topic at SF breakfast

Notes from our April San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast How to manage advisers: Spell out exactly what you are looking for in an Advisory Board Have a meeting with them monthly or quarterly to have constant communication with them Have them all together face to face or phone to hear a difference of option and understand

Shake Hands with Eight to Sixteen People

Several conversations this month brought home to me the value of bringing bootstrappers together for a single conversation around a set of real issues or opportunities that at least one person at the table is asking for advice on: You get to "shake hands" with a eight to sixteen people: even though the average breakfast

Chicago: Topics and advice from the last meeting

My notes from our last meeting: Advice on incorporation Limiting product features: If you're creating a program/app/service, pick 2 or 3 features. Focus on making those 2-3 features awesome, and market that, rather than saying, "We have a million features", all of which are pretty mediocre-- which users would hate. For bootstrappers w/ a limited

Notes from today’s meeting at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View

Hey Bootstrappers, Here are a few moments you may like to remember from your time at the Red Rock! So you want to attract the perfect Technical Co-Founder Why not try an advisory board? Test a few at once. Do they think you’re desperate? Make them feel like an improvement to your project as apposed

3 moments to remember from breakfast at Cocos

What is your Company’s DNA- While waiting to launch your final product try to focus on promoting the unique function of your product. An eye pleasing design may differentiate you, but underneath the image is you DNA! Free Trial vs. $0 Trial So your customers aren’t ready to pay, but are you ready to be

Communication, PR and storytelling workshop for startups

Venue: San Francisco, CA Date: March 27th Time: 2pm to 6.30 pm Details and Registration: http://p42workshop.eventbrite.com/ Description:This workshop is designed to give startups the tools and tips they need to be able to craft powerful stories that move journalists and make them write about your startup. While your startup is the product, your story is

One thing I learned at breakfast today

Today, we had an interesting discussion on when the right time to draft a partnership agreement is and the amount of resources to allocate to it. We also discussed ways to meet potential co-founders. Our members came up with different pieces of advice on forming partnership agreements. •The agreement need not be stringent. Have something