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2012: One thing I learned at breakfast today

Today we had an interesting discussion on risk and how different entrepreneurs assess and tolerate uncertainty. While entrepreneurs often operate in uncertain and ambiguous situations they normally look for ways to manage or reduce the risks they face. Also different entrepreneurs tolerate different levels of risk: Sebastian had the best quote of the day, "I

Recap from San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast Dec-2011

We had a small but very interesting crowd for our December 2011 meeting Present: Pete, Carl, Jake, David, Elaine, Becky Opened up meeting with discussion of conversion rates for a product between free trial and purchase. It was suggested that having frequent updates for product so they like it and keep using it. One attendee

San Francisco Meeting Locations

Events are sorted by day of the month they occur on. Embarcadero Center (1st Wednesday at 9am) Boudin Bakery Map 4 Embarcadero Center San Francisco, CA

2011: One Thing I Learned From Bootstrapper’s Breakfast

Often we ask attendees to tell us one thing they learned from this morning’s bootstrapper’s breakfast. Here’s a couple … and please add your own! "I am always surprised by how much I learn in two hours. The quality and enthusiasm of people that show up and the things I find out that I never

Jeff Pesek Chats at Minnesota Breakfast Sept 28 7:30am

Join us at the Minneapolis  Bootstrappers Breakfast this Thursday, September 28 at 7:30AM when Jeff Pesek will give us some insights on his experiences as a technical space entrepreneur.   He will compare the practices of bootstrapping lean startups versus startups that have needed--or taken--venture capital money for their success. Jeff Pesek is a co-founder

Bootstrappers Breakfast Notes San Francisco April 7, 2010

I moderated last week’s meetup of Bootstrappers’ Breakfast at Bouding Bakery in Embarcadero 4, and once again we had a great meeting.  Attendees brought a very diverse background.  Software developers, social media gurus, marketing and business consultants, and lawyers all came armed with unique perspectives as attendees took turns introducing themselves, their businesses, and their