Silicon Valley Roundup of Events in March 2018 for Bootstrappers

Here is our roundup of Silicon Valley events in March 2018 for bootstrappers: three Bootstrappers Breakfast meetings with a theme of “Grow Your Network Even If You Are an Introvert”, “Startups & Interns: Will Work for Equity Networking”, Ash Maurya’s “Continuous Innovation” workshop, and “Startups: What’s Hot and What’s Not.”

Roundup of Events in March 2018 for Bootstrappers

Bootstrappers Breakfast Theme for March: Grow Your Network Even If You Are an Introvert

In addition to our regular roundtable there will be a 15 minute exercise led by Theresa Shafer to help grow your network. For Theresa as well as other introverts networking is hard, yet networking is crucial for your business and career advancement. Theresa does NOT want to walk into large crowded places and talk to strangers for extended periods of time, so we will discuss some practical ways to grow your network that is doable for introverts.

Feb 28 and Mar 1: 2-Day Silicon Valley Continuous Innovation Workshop

  • Offered by Ash Maurya, Author of Running Lean and Creator of Lean Canvas
  • Hacker Dojo, 3350 Thomas Road, Suite 150, Santa Clara, CA,
  • Wed Feb 28 9:30 to 5:30& Thu Mar 1 9:30 to 5:30
  • Register: (use LEANSTARTUP discount to save 10%)

Mar 12: Startups What’s Hot and What’s Not: a briefing by Sean Murphy

A briefing on which technologies will have a major impact and which ones are stagnating. a summary of startup trends and explore how they connect to the Silicon Valley ecosystem including consultants and other professionals who are impacted by growth in Silicon Valley.

  • Women in Consulting South Bay Lunch 11:30-1pm
  • Le Quy Restaurant, 1461 W Campbell Ave. Campbell, CA 95008
  • Register:  WIC

March 27 7pm Startups & Interns: Will Work for Equity Networking

We are fortunate to have CJ Lipe of as our coordinator for South Bay Bootstrappers Breakfast, she provides contract administrative support for startups and executives, she can be reached at 510-410-5285

Missed our “Put your business plan on a 3×5 card” in January? CJ blogged about it at “Your Business Plan Works Like a GPS System

Warm Regards
Sean Murphy, SKMurphy, Inc.
Recent Blog Post: “The Shape of Firms to Come: Key Values and Architectural Philosophy

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