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CA New Business Startup Guide by Mark Sheffield

I came across a very good New Business Startup Guide by Mark Sheffield at Abbot Stringham and Lynch. There are great chapters on "Registering with Regulatory Agencies", "Setting up Operations" and "Running Your Business" written for firms that rely primarily on revenue not outside investment to get started. It's available as a free 50 page PDF at

Early Bird Tickets for Lean Startup Conference 2012

The Lean Startup Conference 2012 is getting into swing. The date’s been picked, venue chosen and we're now ready to sell tickets. Instead of opening sales in one fell swoop, this year we’re releasing tickets in batches. Our friends—the loyal lean startup elite—will get first crack at the best pricing. Since you definitely fall into the

End of Summer Update

It is the end of summer and if it's been awhile since you've been to Bootstrappers Breakfast meeting, please join us again for some real conversation and invite a friend too, someone who's interested in learning from the mistakes of others and where ideas are exchanged and notes compared. Here's what attendees are saying: "Great

Communication, PR and storytelling workshop for startups

Venue: San Francisco, CA Date: March 27th Time: 2pm to 6.30 pm Details and Registration: Description:This workshop is designed to give startups the tools and tips they need to be able to craft powerful stories that move journalists and make them write about your startup. While your startup is the product, your story is

One thing I learned at breakfast today

Today, we had an interesting discussion on when the right time to draft a partnership agreement is and the amount of resources to allocate to it. We also discussed ways to meet potential co-founders. Our members came up with different pieces of advice on forming partnership agreements. •The agreement need not be stringent. Have something

Recap from San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast Dec-2011

We had a small but very interesting crowd for our December 2011 meeting Present: Pete, Carl, Jake, David, Elaine, Becky Opened up meeting with discussion of conversion rates for a product between free trial and purchase. It was suggested that having frequent updates for product so they like it and keep using it. One attendee

Pete Tormey: Minimizing Impact of New Patent Law Oct-21 in SF

Bootstrappers won’t like the recently enacted patent reform law. Called the America Invents Act, it was signed by   President Obama on September 16. The law takes effect March 16, 2013. It provides for a “first to file” patent system. Currently a patent is awarded to the first person to invent and reduce the invention to

Tristan Kromer on ‘User Experience as Customer Development’.

On August 19th, 2011, at the Bootstrappers Breakfast in San Francisco (8 am , Sandbox Suites,567 Sutter St, SF), Tristan Kromer will discuss: Using personas to accelerate and improve the Customer Development process Deploying information radiators to facilitate company learning Tristan Kromer has spent 16 years in marketing, product development, business development, IT security, music,

Steve Mock Interview

I had the opportunity to sit down with Steve Mock (@steve_mock), Executive or Co-Founder of five venture backed companies. I thought the Bootstrappers Breakfast community might benefit from Steve's lessons learned. In addition to this Q&A blog post, Steve will be joining the round table discussion as a featured guest speaker on Friday, July 15 at

San Francisco Meeting Locations

Events are sorted by day of the month they occur on. Embarcadero Center (1st Wednesday at 9am) Boudin Bakery Map 4 Embarcadero Center San Francisco, CA