Bootstrapper Breakfasts in March and April of 2020 will be held online. If you find yourself hunkered down at home and getting a little stir crazy, join us online.

Hunkered Down: Roundup of Online Events for Bootstrappers in March and April 2020

“If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, remember that this is also true of trouble.”
Elbert Hubbard

Sometimes you need the “if this goes on” forecast to force changes today (a “self-cancelling prophecy” that can make the extra effort seem unnecessary to those who were not paying attention).

“The future is an illusion. All change is happening now.”
Marcelo Rinesi

If you find yourself hunkered down at home, join us onlineIf you find yourself hunkered down at home and getting a little stir crazy, join us online. Here is a list of all of the on-line Bootstrapper Breakfasts currently scheduled in March and April. Many of these may start quite early from a Silicon Valley perspective but you are welcome to attend if you are (still) up. All of the events listed are no charge.

Events This Week

Tue-Mar-24 7pm PDT Lean Culture Online “Land and Expand Strategies”

  • A key area where many companies don’t focus as much as they should is expansion within their existing customers.
  • Speaker: Patty Watkins has extensive experience as an SVP and VP of Sales, regionally, nationally and globally in both startups in Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies
  • Register (No Charge)

Thu-Mar-26 5:30am PDT New York / Philly Virtual BB

Fri-Mar-27 5am PDT “Leading in Uncertainty”

  • Two hour workshop will provide insights into planning for the unknown, offer systems for preparedness, and guidance for some of your specific challenges.
  • Organized by Mike Krupit, leader of New York and Philly Bootstrapper Breakfasts
  • Register (No Charge)

Fri-Mar-27 9am PDT Mountain View Bootstrapper Breakfast Online

April 2020 Events

Fri-Apr-3 8:30am PDT Palo Alto BB Online

Fri-Apr-10 8:30am PDT San Francisco BB Online

Thu-Apr-20 6:30am PDT Chicago BB Online

Tue-Apr-21 8am PDT Sunnyvale BB Online

Fri-Apr-24 9am PDT Mountain View Bootstrapper Breakfast Online

Details For Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View Online Bootstrapper Breakfasts

  • Once you register you will be emailed a Zoom login and granted access to a Google Doc for shared note taking during the breakfast.
  • A copy of the notes will be mailed to all attendees
  • We ask that you turn your camera on for the event if it’s feasible as it allows people to feel more comfortable sharing challenges and offering perspectives to others.
  • As always CJ Lipe of takes part to help keep us organized and on track.

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Photo Credit: (c) Kevin Murphy 2020; used with permission.