November 2020 Roundup

Events for Bootstrappers in November 2020. 

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in November 2020

All of these events are online and offered at no charge.

Fri-Oct-30 9am PDT / Noon EDT What’s In Your Box of Legos?

Fri-Nov 6th 8:30am PST / Noon EST Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast

  • Hosts: Sean Murphy and CJ Lipe
  • Register:
  • Lightning Round Question for Attendees: Withdrawal and Return.
  • Covid-19 quarantine put a lot of activities on stun, forcing many of us to withdraw from many of our regular activities. What are your plans to recover from this? What “new normal” do you plan to return to?

Fri-Nov 13th 9:300am PST / 12:00pm EST San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast Online

Tue-Nov 17th 5:30 am PST / 8:30am EST East Coast Bootstrappers Breakfast Online

Tue-Nov-17th 8:00am PST/ 11:00 EST Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast Online

Thu-Nov 19th 5:30am PST / 7:30am CST / 8:30am EST Virtual Bootstrappers Breakfast Chicago (Midwest Breakfast)

Thu-Nov-19th 11:30am PST / 2:30pm EST  Lean Culture: Getting Real Innovation Work Done

  • Host: Theresa Shafer
  • Register:
  • Featured Speaker: Nick Norena
  • Description: Let’s leave the world of frameworks and buzzwords behind and talk about the ways in which entrepreneurs behave that either promote or detract from their mission of innovating. In this webinar, Nick Noreña, an innovation coach and startup advisor at Kromatic, will share his personal experiences working with 100s of entrepreneurs and innovators who are tasked with actually getting work done. We’ll discuss how we can all become better leaders by identifying habits that work and don’t work in startup environments. We’ll start by going over a few bad leadership habits and then review how we can design better habits that work for your team.

Fri-Nov 27th 8:30am PST / 11:30am EST Lessons Learned Bootstrapping an Analytics Startup

  • Hosts: Sean Murphy and CJ Lipe
  • Register:
  • Featured Attendee: Alastair Hood, Ph.D shares lessons learned from his entrepreneurial journey bootstrapping Verdafero. He will talk about balancing providing services with growing subscription revenue and challenges of negotiating with larger players.

SKMurphy Mastermind Open Houses

We have two open houses for our paid Mastermind groups. You can get your questions answered about what’s involved in an SKMurphy Mastermind and meet others who are considering joining. The Bootstrapper Breakfasts are a great way to get perspectives on challenges you face, the Mastermind group allows you to meet with the same group of entrepreneurs twice a month for two hours so that over time everyone gets to know everyone else’s business quite well. Learn how a group of trusted peers can give you an extra competitive advantage in your business.

  • Wed-Nov 4 4pm PDT
  • Sat-Nov 28 10am PDT

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