Carl Ludewig

Please join us in thanking Carl Ludewig

Please join us in thanking Carl Ludewig for his great leadership of the San Francisco Bootstrapper Breakfast for the last 6 years. While he plans to continue to attend and take part he is stepping back from month-to-month operations of the San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast meeting. We have been fortunate to find someone like Carl who had done some successful technology startups–and a few less successful ones which is also valuable experience for a bootstrapper. Brendon Farrell convinced us to start a San Francisco Chapter and was extremely helpful in getting it going, but like many entrepreneurs who moved on in a year to new ideas. Carl has been the anchor who has really helped us get firmly established in the San Francisco startup community.

Pete Tormey and Jay Fife will continue as moderators but we are looking for one or two people to step forward and volunteer to help be back up moderators, preferably folks who have already attended several breakfasts and have a feel for how to keep the conversation helpful with a light touch.

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