Cheryl Lynn Nelson: Bootstrapping a legal document workbook for 18 year olds

Cheryl Lynn Nelson is a certified paralegal, income tax advisor, Notary Public and a parent. Cheryl knew that most parents were completely unaware that their rights regarding his or her child’s medical decisions changed once the child turned 18 and that few resources available to help them navigate these changes. This led her to create

Silicon Valley Roundup for November 2017

Silicon Valley Roundup for November 2017: a roundup of Bootstrapper Breakfasts and other events of interest and use for bootstrapping entrepreneurs. Silicon Valley Roundup for November 2017: Events for Bootstrappers Coming up Next: Fri-Nov-3 7:30am  Bootstrapper Breakfast in Palo Alto it's our regular roundtable format. Sunnyvale Breakfast Tue-Nov-21  Cheryl Lynn Nelson: Bootstrapping a legal document workbook for 18

Recap from Fri-Oct-27 in Mtn View: Branding, Managing Commitments, and Developing an MVP

This is a recap from the Fri-Oct-27 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Mountain View. We covered a number of interesting topics including branding, managing commitments, and developing an MVP. Branding, Managing Commitments, and Developing an MVP Definitions for Branding We discussed branding for startups and came up with a couple of useful definitions: Kristin Zhivago: "Your brand

Allen Hirashiki: How To Keep Bootstrapping Team Together and Moving Forward

Allen Hirashiki gave a briefing at the Tue-Oct-17 Bootstrappper Breakfast in Sunnyvale on team and project management practices he had found effective in keeping the Mindframers bootstrapping team together and moving forward on the design of a complex wearable device. Here is the description for the breakfast and a handout that Allen provided to summarize

Elena Krasnoperova: Tips for Bootstrappers Hiring On-Demand Talent

Elena Krasnoperova has hired a number of freelancers and contractors on an on-demand basis for graphic design, marketing, lead generation, web research, and software development. At the Bootstrapper Breakfast on July 7 in Palo Alto she shared lessons learned from a range of experiences–both good and bad–and offered some tips on hiring on-demand talent. She

Silicon Valley Roundup for May 2017

A roundup of events in Silicon Valley for bootstrappers in May 2017; this month at the Bootstrapper Breakfasts we are focused on what habits to nurture and what to extinguish for success.