Entrepreneurs to ‘Eat Problems for Breakfast’ at Voyager Coffee – San Pedro Square Market, Downtown San Jose

Mark your calendars on  the first Fridays of the month,

Voyager Coffee at San Pedro Square Market host a Bootstrappers Breakfast event.

Location: Voyager Coffee at San Pedro Square Market
87 N San Pedro St, San Jose, CA 95110

Time: Friday, June 7 at 9-11 am.
We start at 9, but it’s a casual setting if you are running late.

You will find this group to include a seasoned venue of serial entrepreneurs and passionate innovation people for coffee and good conversation. The format involves table introductions and solving business issues as a group. Think of it as sort of an “informal board” to run ideas off of and get insight on a variety of topics.

Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/o/bootstrappers-breakfast-10771471165

Share a Cup of Coffee with Entrepreneurs Who Eat Problems for Breakfast!


Look for the giraffe at Voyager Coffee


Members are saying great things about us:

“Its a small enough group that you can have a good quality discussion.”

“Very pleasant atmosphere. A variety of backgrounds from the participants made for insightful contributions. I particularly appreciated the informal recommendations one-on-one between participants.”

“I am grateful for all of the helpful suggestions I got during today’s breakfast session. I was given some sound advise on how to begin spreading the word about the CrossThread platform. I observed, in particular, that huge creators are unlikely to be straightforward to target by a small business at my stage; instead, I will likely have more success connecting with smaller creators. I also got some sound tips on how to populate my website with matchup data. I’m planning to look into polling twitter substack and specialized interest groups for suggestions for matchup ideas. During the event, I also gained many valuable contacts. I would like to keep in touch in the future as I continue to make progress.” – Kyle Casterline

Meet us  at Voyager Coffee in downtown San Jose!

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