Roundup of Bootstrapper Events in May 2024

Roundup of events for bootstrappers in May 2024. Online and in-person events are offered at $10.

Roundup of May 2024 Bootstrapper Events

We offer online events for bootstrappers including Bootstrappers Breakfast and Lean Culture. There are also in-person Bootstrapper Breakfast meetings in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. These events are for “entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast.”®

We have nine events this month to help you move your business forward. Join us as your interests dictate and schedule permits.

We are looking for entrepreneurs to share lessons learned: If you have reached a milestone in your entrepreneurial journey and would like to share lessons learned, please contact Theresa Shafer ( to explore scheduling a short briefing at a Bootstrapper Breakfast or a talk at a Lean Culture event. You must have attended a Bootstrapper Breakfast or Lean Culture event to be considered.

Fri May 3 9:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) Downtown San Jose 

Tues May 7 8:00 am PDT Las Vegas Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) Sambalatte 

Weds May 8  11:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm CDT / 2:00 pm EDT Lean Culture: Unlocking the Power of Product Strategy 

A thought-provoking interactive session for entrepreneurs and product managers lead by Roger Cauvin that walks around developing and refining product strategy. We will look at how to use product strategy to drive market exploration and research (customer development) and product decisions.

Fri May 10 9:00 am PDT San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) SPRO-Mission Bay/SOMA 

Thurs May 16 8:30 am CDT Chicago Bootstrappers Breakfast (Online) 

Fri May 17 9:00 am PDT Mtn View Bootstrappers Breakfast at Red Rock Coffee (In Person) 

Tues May 21 8:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast (Online) 

Fri May 31 9:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast (Online) 

Thurs May 2  8:00 am PDT Drop in Mastermind


Lightning Round Question for May 2024

How have you determined that your customers have a real need for your product or service?  What is your unique insight into the problem it solves?

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