Roundup of May 2023 Bootstrapper Events

Roundup of events for Bootstrappers in May 2023. Online and in-person events are offered at $10.

Roundup of  May 2023 Bootstrapper Events

We offer online events for bootstrappers including  Bootstrappers Breakfast and Lean Culture. There are also in-person Bootstrapper Breakfast meetings in Ft. Worth, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. These events are for “entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast.”®

We have ten events this month to help you move your business forward. Join us as your interests dictate and schedule permits.

We are looking for entrepreneurs to share lessons learned: If you have reached a milestone in your entrepreneurial journey and would like to share lessons learned, please contact Theresa Shafer ( to explore scheduling a short briefing at a Bootstrapper Breakfast or a talk at a Lean Culture event. You must have attended a Bootstrapper Breakfast or Lean Culture event to be considered.

Fri April 28 9am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfast Online

Tues May 2 8:00 am PDT Las Vegas Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) Vesta Coffee Roasters

Thurs May 4 8:00 am PDT SKMurphy Mastermind Open House (Online)

Fri May 5 9:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) Downtown San Jose

Wed May 10 11:00 PDT / 1:00 CDT / 2:00 EDT Lean Culture: Ups and downs but in the end – SUCCESS   Increase your likelihood of success, a structured approach for business.

Michael Risich – entrepreneur turned technologist, turned technology founder with an exciting journey building a SaaS business scaling to 10M in ARR with an exit to PE firm!

Fri May 12 9:00 am CDT Fort Worth Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) Ol’ South Pancake House

Fri May 12 8:30 am PDT San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) SPRO-Mission Bay/SOMA

Tues May 16 8:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast (Online)

Thurs May 18 8:30 am CDT Chicago Bootstrappers Breakfast (Online)

East Coast Bootstrappers (Online)
On hiatus, see other online breakfasts for alternatives 

Fri May 19 9:00 PDT Mtn View Bootstrappers Breakfast at Red Rock Coffee (In Person)

Fri May 26 9:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast (Online)

Lightning Round Question for May 2023

What habits are holding you back that you’d like to eliminate?

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