Resources From Today’s Breakfast

Below are several resources shared at the Silicon Valley Bootstrappers’ Breakfast this morning:

Learning about B2B Sales

A simple but very useful model we like for the customer buying process is “Understand, Believe, Act.”


Spin Selling by Neil Rackham is a great place for entrepreneurs to start learning B2B sales.


Q: How Does a First Time Founder Learn Sales?

I was interviewed by Gabriel Weinberg (no relation to Gerald/Jerry) on how to get your first twelve B2B customers.

Your First Dozen Enterprise Customers

Besides sales, we spend quite a bit talking about MVPs.

MVP Development

Mike Risich on his startup journey offers a number of clever tips for identifying opportunities and forming partnerships with customers. He built an add on product which allowed him to laser target his prospects. See video and additional notes.

Entrepreneurship’s Ups and Downs

“J curve” change function
Here is a short video that offers a succinct explanation and explores several key parameters that drive the shape of the curve and their impact on the likely success of a change initiative.


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