SF BB July 2023

Praise for Priyanka Lalwani – SF moderator

“I met Priyanka Lalwani in San Francisco at the Bootstrappers Breakfast in September 2022.
I also had many contacts with her since, through her online Meetup group or by email.

As a SW Engineer, I have been an employee for tech companies for more than 10 years.
I would like to create my own business, in order to have more freedom and make more money.

I found Bootstrappers Breakfast as I wanted to meet entrepreneurs while being in San Francisco.
I was expecting some usual networking event, where you have sometimes to struggle to be listened.

Priyanka moderated and facilities it in a very professional way. She also provided me some precious insights and advices.
Among others, it helped me find an online training, which was very useful to meet my co-founder and start my journey as an entrepreneur.” – Matt Delehaye

More About Priyanka Lalwani

Priyanka Lalwani, the driving force behind San Francisco’s Bootstrappers Breakfast, is an accomplished entrepreneur and the founder of Precise Persona. With an impressive background in audience marketing, Priyanka specializes in assisting startups in their quest to identify and understand their ideal clients. Her expertise lies in deploying cutting-edge marketing strategies that empower pioneers to tackle a wide array of challenges, including goal setting, revenue generation, client acquisition, fundraising, and resource allocation.

Her warm and approachable demeanor sets the tone for the Bootstrappers Breakfast meetings, creating a welcoming environment where startup entrepreneurs can convene to share insights, discuss operational intricacies, navigate developmental hurdles, and address pressing business concerns alongside their peers.

This group brings together seasoned serial entrepreneurs, C-level execs, and passionate innovation people for coffee and good conversation. The format is a roundtable discussion with introductions and problem solving on business issues that peers bring to the table. Think of it as an “informal board” to run ideas off and get insight on various topics.

SF: Openness to share best practices and learnings

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