recommend Bootstrappers Breakfast meetings

Rave Reviews – Recommending Bootstrappers Breakfast Meetings

“I absolutely recommend Bootstrappers Breakfast meetings – they are excellent people and great to converse with on various business subjects. They had a lot of great advice that I hadn’t considered before from a tech perspective, also great to meet other business owners.” – Julie

“I am grateful for all of the helpful suggestions I got during today’s breakfast session. I was given some sound advise on how to begin spreading the word about the CrossThread platform. I observed, in particular, that huge creators are unlikely to be straightforward to target by a small business at my stage; instead, I will likely have more success connecting with smaller creators. I also got some sound tips on how to populate my website with matchup data. I’m planning to look into polling twitter substack and specialized interest groups for suggestions for matchup ideas. During the event, I also gained many valuable contacts. I would like to keep in touch in the future as I continue to make progress.” – Kyle Casterline


recommend Bootstrappers Breakfast meetings

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