Looking For A Co-Founder?

Looking For A Co-Founder?

A common point of discussion faced by many early stage entrepreneurs who visit Bootstrappers Breakfast is: ‘How to find a technical co-founder?’

Before looking for a co-founder, you first have to ask yourself:
• Why do you need a technical co-founder?
• What strengths do you bring to your business? What strengths would you wish your co-founder had? Are they complimentary to your skill set?
• Would you be better off hiring someone for the skill sets that you are looking for?

Partnering with a co-founder is like going into a marriage. Trust and a passion to execute your business idea are the primary criteria on which your search should be based.

You need to make your co-founder feel powerful and vest with him/her decision making powers, not merely execution powers. Otherwise, it will be an employee you’re partnering with, not a co-founder.

A list of blog posts on the process of finding a co-founder:

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