Notes from Griffin Caprio June 16 2020 Briefing on Podcasting

Notes from Griffin Caprio’s Basics of Podcasting for Bootstrappers on June 16 2020 at MidWest Bootstrappers Breakfast Online

Notes from June 16 2020 Briefing on Podcasting

From Griffin Caprio’s Basics of Podcasting for Bootstrappers briefing. Griffin Caprio, CEO of Dante32 and founder of the Chicago chapter of the Bootstrappers Breakfast, was our featured attendee. He will answer questions on the basics of podcasting for bootstrappers. If you are looking to build credibility and trust with prospects, podcasting is one approach you should consider as a bootstrapper. Griffin will address how bootstrappers should approach podcasting for their business, where it may not be a good fit, and some common mistakes he has seen teams make in developing and launching a podcast.

See for a summary of best practices.

Getting started with podcasting

  • Ideal for Bootstrappers
  • Easy and Cost Effective
  • Higher ROI
  • Multipurpose Content Marketing
  • Simple equipment and software

Podcasting Production Frequency

  • Frequency is variable
    • Once a month too little to yield results
    • Once a week significant amount of effort and work

Channel Communication for Bootstrappers scaling up

  • Business development and sales tool
  • Facetime interview tool
  • Clients and customers
  • Voice of the industry
  • Generate revenue through advertising
  • Structuring your podcast and manage analytics
  • 3 types of use cases

Three Types of Use Cases for Podcasting

  1. Brand marketing (a replacement of memos and corporate emails)
  2. Customer Education
  3. Business – Internal Communication
    1. Broadcast messages to employees
    2. Engage employees on company statistics
    3. Foster internal communications
    4. Internal development resources
    5. Private and public Podcasts (note: Spotify does not allow)

When is Podcasting Not a Good Fit

  • Low dollar transactions take a longer time to see the value
  • B2B works well
  • Geo-specific (US versus international)
  • A good starting place for online business engage in content marketing

Three Mistakes to Avoid in Developing and Launching a DYI Podcast

  • Do not follow advice built for media organizations: it’s geared toward entertainment business and never your content marketing
  • Podcast players should focus energy on the form of consumption
  • Not understanding your audience

Best Target Length for a Podcast

  • Begin with 25 to 30 minutes
  • Review your numbers and consumption metrics
  • Longer podcasts can be broken down into episodes
    • segments allow you to get your ROI
    • makes it easier to segment your content to different channels
  • Focus on your content and the audience you are addressing
  • Apple Podcast metric can be used as a proxy for an industry standard

Dante 32 Advice on Best Practices


  • Website landing page
  • Embedded player
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletter signup
  • Call to Action (piece of cheese in the trap)
    • Downloads and tracking listenership

 Brand Advertising

  • Connect social media data with website download data analytics
  • Technology is young but coming

Griffin Caprio is the cofounder, with Jenn Dudley, of Dante32. He works with a variety of companies, brands, and individuals seeking to increase brand awareness, enhance marketing efforts, and deeply connect with their customers through a mix of storytelling and the latest innovations in audio technology. He brings a wealth of experience as a  technology leader, entrepreneur, and CTO with a  focus on small and medium-size companies. Griffin has a BS in Statistics and Operations Research from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A Thank  You to CJ Lipe who was a huge help in capturing and preparing these notes.

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