Bootstrapper Breakfasts Are a “Blind Date With Destiny”

A recap of a recent interchange with an entrepreneur who was trying to determine if attending a Bootstrapper Breakfast® would help advance his startup. I characterized a breakfast as a “blind date with destiny.”

Bootstrapper Breakfasts Are a “Blind Date With Destiny”

This is a recap of a recent exchange with a bootstrapper trying to determine if attending a breakfast would be a waste of his time.

Q: Hi! The description is not very clear to me. What do you guys talk about during the events? Anything about funnels, online marketing, ads, operations?

A: We routinely cover questions on funnels, online marketing, ads, and operations as well as many other topics that teams bootstrapping a startup need to master.

Q: Awesome, I am looking forward to making new awesome connections and learning!

A: It is a roundtable discussion so attendees put topics on the table to discuss and the attendee try to help each other. Here is the format

Q: What should I prepare to get as much value as possible from this meeting? What do you guys usually ask about?

A: It’s a blind date with destiny. I would be prepared to make an introduction that’s about 60-90 seconds long and if you want to put an issue on the table be prepared to offer a summary in 60-90 seconds. It will go on the list and we will spend between 10 and 20 minutes depending upon what else folks have brought up. We also normally give newcomers a chance to go into more detail on their startup during the discussion portion after introductions if they want to say more. It’s also OK if you are in “stealth mode” or say “I am still trying to figure it out but I do have this question (or situation) I would like to discuss and get folks perspective on.”

Q: How can I add value?

A: You can add value by asking questions that help other entrepreneurs clarify their situation and making suggestions based on approaches you have personally seen work (or not work as the case may be).

Who Said “A Blind Date with Destiny” First?

Ben Edlund used the line at least once in the original Tick Animated Series in 1994-96

“We’ve got a blind date with Destiny…and it looks like she’s ordered the lobster.”
The Shoveller in “Mystery Men” (1999)[transcript]

But the movie was based on characters developed by Bob Burden for “Flaming Carrot Comics” and it’s possible the phrase is also used in the comics.

There is also a 1996 CD “Blind Date With Destiny” by The Bent Scepters

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