Silicon Valley Roundup of Events in May 2018 for Bootstrappers

A list of events in May 2018 for Bootstrappers: this month at the Bootstrappers Breakfast® meetings we are featured a 3×5 card workshop on techniques for better decisions from “Decisive” by Chip and Heath.

Roundup of Events in May 2018 for Bootstrappers

Events Week of April 23

Tue-Apr-24 7pm Lean Culture: Lean Innovation 101: A briefing by Sean Murphy

  • Key Concepts Covered
    • Get out of your BatCave: Conversation is Key to Market Exploration
    • Use an initial product (MVP) as a probe to explore the market
    • Build-Measure-Learn ==> Measure-Learn-Build
    • When and how to pivot: You can only change what’s under your control
  • Location: Sacred Space Coworking 2490 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
  • No Charge; Register at

Fri-Apr-27 9am Bootstrapper Breakfast at Red Rock in Mountain View

Bootstrappers Breakfast Theme for May 2018:
Tips for Better Decisions from “Decisive

Tips for Better Decisions from 'Decisive' by Chip and Dan Heath

In addition to our regular roundtable there will be a 15 minute “3×5 card workshop” led by Sean Murphy on seven techniques from the book “Decisive” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. As a short exercise at the breakfast entrepreneurs will use one or more of these techniques to frame and generate new options for a particular decision they are currently wrestling with. Attendees will leave with a clear decision framing and some new options to consider written on a 3×5 card.

Murphy will cover these techniques:

  1. Widen your options
  2. Find someone who has solved your problem
  3. Reality-test your assumptions
  4. Zoom out, zoom in
  5. Attain distance before deciding
  6. Prepare to be wrong
  7. Set a tripwire

Bootstrapper Breakfast Meetings in May 2018

AlligatorZone 3:30pm Sun-May-6 Rinconada Library, Palo Alto

AlligatorZone is where kids meet cool startups. This is a program for all ages 7 and above. Children and youth, as well as their accompanying families can meet and talk to startup founders in a community-gathering that celebrates entrepreneurship.

Featured Startups:

  • Sara Lorien Smith, founder and chief maker for Terra Create, a craft kit subscription for young makers desiring artisan quality craft projects, focused on natural materials.
  • Offir Gutelzon, CEO and Co-founder, Keepy, an app for parents and kids to organize and save all the artwork and schoolwork kids make and bring from school, stored with the kids recording their own narrative to share only with family and loved ones so that even a grandparent can enjoy it easily.

No Charge; Register at

Opportunities in Energy Harvesting at PATCA Thu-May-10 6pm

  • Low power applications rely on energy harvesting when a bigger battery is not an option. This talk will outline the many viable approaches to energy harvesting to extend battery life.
  • Speaker: Brian Zahnstecher is a Sr. Member of the IEEE, Chair of the IEEE SFBAC Power Electronics Society (PELS), and is the Principal of PowerRox, where he focuses on power design, integration, and system applications.
  • Location: Roundtable Pizza 1220 Oakmead, Sunnyvale, CA
  • Cost $10; Register at

We are fortunate to have CJ Lipe of as our coordinator for the Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfasts; she provides contract administrative support for startups and executives, she can be reached at 510-410-5285

Warm Regards
Sean Murphy SKMurphy, Inc.
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