Welcome Windsor Entrepreneurs

Welcome Windsor Entrepreneurs

We are excited to join the Canada startup ecosystems. Thanks to the leadership of Arthur Barbut and Colin McKillop, Windsor entrepreneurs who like to “eat problems for breakfast” can discuss business issues and challenges with peers.

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Arthur Barbut is the Managing Director of the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator and founder of The Art of Startup.  Arthur advises start-ups on the multiple facets of starting and growing a business, enabling clients to realize their full potential as entrepreneurs. He has a passion for connecting practical and academic insights to help develop innovative ecosystems that allow entrepreneurs to prosper. He is currently in the final stages of completing his doctoral studies in entrepreneurship, with a focus on business incubation and social capital. More specifically, his research looks to further understanding of business incubation, in particular, how social capital is created within the business incubator ecosystem and across different types of business incubator models. Ultimately, the research will identify how business incubators can leverage social capital to build successful business incubation ecosystems. Arthur also serves on the board of a number of startups and social enterprises.


Colin McKillop


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  1. Attended my 1st Boot Strappers Breakfast at The Windsor Business Accelerator! I received a lot of great feed back and I hope I was able to contribute as well! I shall RETURN!

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