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San Diego startup group grows under Mark Fitchmun and William Marchesano leadership

Under Mark Fitchmun and William Marchesano leadership the San Diego Bootstrappers’ Breakfast group has grown from a small handful of solo entrepreneurs to over 600 entrepreneurs who meet monthly and compare notes – helping each other build successful high-tech businesses.

Mark Fitchmun is a founding partner principal of Somatek, is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in developing products for both biomedical research and FDA regulated clinical applications. Clinical projects have included antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, small recombinant proteins, and viruses. Research products have included assay kits and reagents, purification equipment and supplies.

William Marchesano is an Account Executive at MindTouch. He enjoys helping small to enterprise-sized businesses better their organizations by leveraging different technologies. The majority of his time was spent in a consulting role with customer service, team management, and project management as secondary roles. In recent years he has been focusing more on process improvement, analytics, and improving the customer experience.

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