March 2014 Roundup for Silicon Valley

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A Preview of Coming Events For March-May 2014

Startup Pitch Bootcamp, with Adeo Ressi Mar 12 6:30 PM Palo Alto: Attend to improve how you communicate your business to employees, customers, and investors.

Sunnyvale Bootstrapper Breakfast Mar 18: Our Regular Roundtable Format at 7:30am

Effective Strategies for Startups Selling to the Enterprise Mar 18 6pm Santa Clara A panel  CIOs offer an in-depth discussion of the nuts and bolts of selling to the enterprise.

Founder Institute Informational Session Mar 20 6:30 PM Palo Alto: an informational event about the world’s largest idea stage accelerator.

Getting More Customers Workshop Mar 25 in Sunnyvale: An interactive workshop that covers a variety of proven marketing techniques for growing your business: attendees will select one or two that fit their style and develop a plan to implement them in their business in the next 90 days.

Mountain View Bootstrappers Breakfast Welcomes Founder of Jaio Sports Mar 28: Jon Wang, founder of Jaio Sports, shares his experience building a wearable device startup.

Great Demo! Workshop May 22-23 San Jose: Peter Cohan’s workshop is useful for B2B software startups. It’s normally only offered privately on-site at major SW firms.

Change is hard: a Bootstrapper Breakfast offers a safe place to express frustration and misgivings with where you are in your business. But you have to take care with the story you tell yourself–and you tell about yourself–that you don’t get trapped in the negative. Here are some blog posts with suggestions for how to frame your story, telling the truth, but focused on the future.

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