Adrian Holovaty: Chicago is For Bootstrappers

Some excerpts from a talk by Adrian Holvaty on Jan 24, 2014 (from his transcript at “Why Chicago needs to stop playing by Silicon Valley’s rules“).

Chicago is great for bootstrappers. Let’s take advantage of that.

“Bootstrapping” has a few different connotations, but what I specifically mean is: small companies with a couple of people, likely developers, who take no outside investment money. They build products because they love the work, the craftsmanship, the pride in building and creating.

They want to make a good living, but, just as important, they want freedom — financial freedom, of course, but equally importantly freedom from people telling them what to do (bosses, investors, etc.).

They want to build solid, revenue-generating businesses without the need for an exit.

Read the whole thing, Holovaty offers some very good insights

Adrian Holvarty is the co-creator of the Django Web framework the and founder of EveryBlock. He is currently at work building Soundslice, which is “living sheet music.”

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