Facebook Connect / Java Environment: Part-Time Contract Position , Senior Software Engineer

Facebook Connect / Java Environment:  Part-Time Contract Position Leading to Management Role

SharedGain is seeking a senior consultant software developer with strong Facebook Connect and/or other Facebook API skills with experience working in a Java environment.  The initial software development work is part time with stock options.

SharedGain is looking for a software developer with technical experience in Facebook APIs to move us forward into our next round of social media software development.  SharedGain is bringing up the second release of its Automated Word of Mouth™ software service with a Facebook interface.  SharedGain is an angel-funded startup, proving its technology in social media marketing for the next round of investment and growth.

The individual qualified for this project will have the opportunity to continue work at SharedGain in an engineering management role or as CTO representing the technology to new customers and prospective investors.

SharedGain provides a lead-management marketing solution using social media marketing technologies to build communities that share common interests and to help businesses build their customer base.  We are committed to fairness in all of our dealings with consumers and with business clients.  The TriBaton™ platform’s unique architecture enables satisfied customers to recommend products and services to their friends.


– Learn and understand existing software.

– Participate in the design and implementation of our third software version.

– Launch and manage the software in open beta.


– Experience working with social network data portability protocols like Facebook Connect (required), Facebook API, Google OpenSocial, etc.

– Experience developing social network applications (preferably Facebook).

– Experience with Web development using Java, JSP, JavaScript, HTML.

– Design experience leading to successful outcomes.

Experience in the following areas is a plus:

– Web 2.0 technologies and Web communities/social networks/forums.

– Working in a start-up environment.

– Development of SaaS sites.

– Operation of production SaaS sites.

– Experience in direct marketing or lead-generation systems.


The software engineer we seek must be skilled in Java with Facebook Connect experience to ensure that the relationship is productive.  At this time the compensation is only stock options converted to stock, without cash compensation.  We understand that for most individuals this might not be satisfactory; however, for someone willing to work part time there are compelling benefits:

– Enhance current skills in Facebook APIs and Java programming.

– Have SharedGain as a workplace on your resume for career-building.

– Make connections, network, and with successful results, garner a recommendation that can be posted on LinkedIn or presented to future employers.

– The value of stock/options is highly speculative and should not be considered the primary benefit of the contract consultant work, although we are all working with the objective to increase the value of the company for its stockholders.


This is a contractor position, with equity compensation.  Bonus pay for achieving certain results.  When our funding is granted, full monetary compensation will become available.

The consultant will reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and attend occasional face-to-face meetings.  Work is remote/telecommunicating.

If you are qualified and interested please email your resume or curriculum vitae.




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