Social Commerce Sales Intern at Online Startup—Contractor

Social Commerce Sales Intern at Online Startup—Contractor:  Part Time


– This is a skill-enhancing and experience-building opportunity—there is no monetary compensation.

– The work is part-time, about 10 to 15 hours per week.

– Through taking the actions to fulfill the responsibilities of the position you will learn about companies in Internet/mobile merchandising, online consumer marketing campaigns, digital advertising agency and other high-tech market sectors/industries.

– Ideal candidates for this position are those professional individuals such as recent business school graduates and those with an ambition to gain sales experience in online and mobile marketing promotions, advertising and social media technologies.

– The initial project is part time for three months.


SharedGain® monetizes social networks by combining user-generated product recommendations (like Yelp and Bazaarvoice) with the trusted personal relationships of social networks (like Facebook and Twitter).

SharedGain rewards existing customers when they provide product or service recommendations to their social network friends.  These recommendations are highly effective because social network contacts are more trusted and relevant than other forms of marketing communication.

The SharedGain TriBaton™ platform is fully cross-channel and channel-neutral.  It includes key functional equivalents of affiliate marketing networks, email marketing systems and personal word of mouth recommendations—and adds a three-part portable component that transverses email, social network systems, IM/text, microblogs, mobile devices and other delivery mechanisms.

SharedGain provides an effective method for matching online merchants with consumers.  We automate natural word of mouth by turning product related conversations into measurable branding actions.

The TriBaton™ Automated Word of Mouth™ platform adapts to social media marketing and social commerce, location-based check-in apps, sponsored word of mouth conversations and social/shared mobile coupons for effective national brand and merchant campaigns.

SharedGain marketing software extends brand/merchant market reach and sales lift and has completed engagements with paid clients and demonstrated new SaaS (software as a service—distinguished from on-premises installed software) offerings.  SharedGain is an open, creative and collaborative culture.


The chosen individual(s) will work with SharedGain’s management team selling to national brands and retailers headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The intern-volunteer will phone prospective clients to set up appointments.

Prospective clients of SharedGain will have the characteristic for experimenting with new Internet/mobile social commerce technologies.  These clients will have the opportunity to leverage SharedGain’s accomplishments and will be visionary and early adopters, willing to experiment with new product promotion technologies and want to influence the development of software features and attributes.


– Understand the marketing concepts and capabilities of existing TriBaton software and new designs.

– Make telesales cold calls to possible clients, promoting customized online/mobile social commerce marketing programs and campaigns.

– As an Social Commerce Sales Intern you will qualify, cold call, follow-up and manage sales leads and establish relationships with customers.

– Be a good listener and use consultative sales methods over the phone.

– Coordinate with the clients’ marketing and merchandising staff to get their attention and build interest leading to an onsite sales presentation.


The successful candidate will have:

– Either recent business, social science or technology degree, or sales/marketing work experience.

– A craving for challenge and the pursuit of new customers in dynamic, evolving online/mobile market segments.

Experience in the following areas is a plus:

– Systems that collect and present product recommendations and reviews  by consumers.

– Web 2.0 technologies and social media.

– Competitive and market knowledge in the online product reviews/recommendations/referrals space.

– Digital/online media agency experience.

– Working in a start-up environment.

– Driving the sales process from start to finish.

– Confidence in selling an experimental offering with expected high ROI.


This is a contractor position with a required consulting agreement to protect the intellectual property of the company.  We are angel funded and have completed work with two pilot customers.  Technology base has received US Patent.

Reply to with your resume, or answer the screening question “Why are you interested in an internship-volunteer position using phone-based consultative selling methods to find companies interested in leading edge marketing promotions systems?”

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