Discounts for O’Reilly Master Classes on March 30 in San Francisco

Attendees of Bootstrappers Breakfast qualify for O’Reilly User Group discounts. This means you can save 25% on an O’Reilly Master class by signing up at, please contact us for special offer code.

Update March 23: please contact us for a special offer code to register at $199.00 per class. Everyone in the class receives $100 worth of O’Reilly books.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

  • Instructor: Douglas Crockford, author of “JavaScript: The Good Parts,” (O’Reilly Media)
  • Description: Like most languages, JavaScript contains both good and bad parts. The bad parts keep it from becoming an elegant, lightweight, and highly expressive language. In this class, you’ll discover good JavaScript you can use to create truly extensible code. Crockford is a regular speaker at conferences on advanced JavaScript topics.
  • Register:

Leading and Managing Breakthrough Projects

  • Instructor: Scott Berkun, author of  “The Myths of Innovation” (O’Reilly Media)
  • Description offers valuable insights from the past as well as challenging in-class exercises to help you develop the leadership skills and knowledge you need to manage innovative people and projects.
  • Register:

Creating High Performance Web Sites

  • Instructor: Steve Souders, author of the bestselling O’Reilly book, “High Performance Web Sites” (O’Reilly Media)
  • Description While working at Google and Yahoo!, Steve Souders developed rules that cut up to 25% off response time for page requests. In this class, Souders explains those rules and shows you how to improve the performance of your existing web pages.
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  • When: All workshops are 9am-5pm, Mar. 30
  • Where: Mission Bay Conference Center, (UCSF) 1675 Owens St. San Francisco, CA 94143
  • Cost: $600 ($400 with discount by March 15)
    • If you register by March 15 and you will get an extra $50 off.
    • All class attendees will receive $100 worth of O’Reilly books.

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