Building Effective On-line Profiles

MB Deans to Speak At Bootstrapper’s Breakfast Friday, March 13

Bootstrapper’s Breakfast offers a discussion on Building and Enhancing Linkedin profiles. Join the discussion on Friday, March 13, 2009 at Omega Restaurant (90 S. Park Victoria Dr. Milpitas, CA 95035). Our featured guest is MB Deans managing partner of Douglas Partners (

On-line profiles are integral to today’s way to doing business and staying connected with colleagues, friends and family. Don’t miss out on MB’s informative and practical advice. Signup for the March 13 at Calendar of Events

An effective profile is important because:

  • Prospects/potential partners will check it either before they contact you or as they are doing more background checking on your company.
  • The testimonials that are posted there have authenticated authorship and should also be posted on your website.
  • It’s a convenient mechanism for reconnecting with old co-workers and other folks you have had prior shared success with.

Douglas Partners offers hands-on workshops for those looking at job and career changes. MB’s informative and practical advice on self-promotion, network building and rekindling relationships is useful to entrepreneurs as well. MB blogs at “Working for a Living“and is a frequent speaker on career planning and on-line networks in Silicon Valley.

MB has 20 years experience as a consultant and entrepreneur, having founded and helped build several successful firms mainly in high tech and management consulting. She is currently CEO and Managing Partner of Douglas Partners, a HR consulting firm focused on career transition issues faced by working professionals. MB has an MS in Computer Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a BS in Biochemistry from Rutgers College.

MB’s blog “Working for a Living” that has an interesting “Turn Off Your TV” set of posts:

  • Turn Off Your TV & Increase Your Focus
    If you’re one of the growing number of people feeling the pinch of this recession we’re in, turn off the TV. There’s little good news and much of what the pundits are talking about is incomprehensible to normal human beings. The problems are too big and complex, and they are oversimplified in the effort to explain.
  • Turn Off Your TV & Good Stuff Happens More Than You Think
    One particularly bad stretch a couple of years ago when everything seemed to be falling apart, I started keeping a weekly list of everything that went right…pull them out and re-read them and you discover that aren’t all that bad, and more good stuff happens than bad.
  • Turn Off Your TV & Find Your Passion
    Dreams are wonderful things–I have big plans and goals for my own future–but unless they translate into projects, tasks and accomplishments they mean nothing. I’m not saying dreams are bad; I am saying you need to convert them into concrete, achievable goals and then act to achieve those goals.

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