What Are Bootstrapper’s Breakfast Meetings Like?

Q: How many attendees are there usually per breakfast?
A: The number of attendees is usually between 6-18. Attendance is capped to keep it conversational and avoid lecture mode. From time to time we have guest attendees where you can ask them questions – they give a lightning talk of 4-6 minutes and then take an active part in the discussion. Here are a couple of examples of guest attendees:

Q: What do you talk about?
A: The attendees really drive the conversation and issues. All are welcome but we do ask that you bring your business issues and struggles. There is a high level of interaction and frank discussion.

Q: What are there typical backgrounds and levels of experience?
A: Experience can vary from people who have an idea and are thinking of starting a company to folks who are serial entrepreneurs. Products are all stages of development: in development to production with thousands of customers. Some attendees are serial entrepreneurs who have gone public (or bankrupt) or sold their company, most are in business and doing less than four million dollars a year in revenue with many just getting started.

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