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Three Take-Aways from Jonathan Wang’s Talk on Jaio Sports, a Hardware Startup

On March 28 at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View, Jonathan Wang talked about his experiences starting, scaling, and selling Jaio Sports. Jaio Sports developed and sold a wearable device for professional golfers. Just  as they were making sales to early adopters and getting qualified for tournament play the iPhone shipped: apps on that platform,

Matt Oscamou talks about founding Frontier Bites, recap from April 15, 2014

Matt Oscamou, the founder of Frontier Bites, talked about lessons learned getting a food startup off the ground at the April 15 Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale. Here is a short recording of his introduction, the benefits the Bootstrapper Breakfast has offered him, and how he came to bootstrap Frontier Bites with his brother and persevere

Silicon Valley: Alligator Zone on August 23, 2014

If you like the show Shark Tank, then this is the program for you! Alligator Zone presents local entrepreneurs to the public for a positive, constructive  and interactive feedback session in order to help the startups spot dangers and identify opportunities. Join this community gathering to contribute to local innovation in a new and exciting

Tips for Crowdfunding Your Project

Source: creativedoxfoto via 123rf Cheryl Downing will lead the discussion about crowdfunding and will share the tips for crowdfunding your project. This is a round-table discussion so please bring your experience and questions. The other attendees will all be early stage technology entrepreneurs, it will be a chance to compare notes on operational,

April 2014 Roundup For Silicon Valley

Community Channels: Yahoo Group | @bootstrappers | LinkedIn Group | Blog | SV-Meetup | SF-Meetup A Preview of Coming Events For April-June 2014 San Francisco Bootstrapper Breakfast Apr 2 at  9am at Boudin Bakery in Embarcadero 4 in SF. Carl Ludewig moderates our regular roundtable format. Insides Sales 101 for Startups Apr 2 in Palo Alto

Hardware Startup Lessons Learned: Risk & Cost Management, Building Your Prototype and Pilot Hardware to Ensure Successful Production Ramp

Bob Mattoon, President of ISC Networks, will share tips for building your prototype and transitioning your product to production. He will be discussing best practices for methodically generating your pilot product and to focus on its functionality. His expert tips come from many years of managing supply chain and contract manufacturers (onshore and offshore) through

MVP Clinic with Sean Murphy

Entrepreneurs can present where they are with their MVP and hypotheses about customer, problem, solution, and value. The roundtable will brainstorm issues that founders are having evaluating their MVP. This is an very interactive session, so seating is limited. Tuesday July 16, 7:30am in Sunnyvale

3D printing: A quick guide on how to get started

I don't like using the word "disruptive" much, especially since living in the Bay Area I feel like it's thrown around way too often to describe things that may barely make a ripple in the life continuum pond. But this time, I think "disruptive" is exactly the word I'm looking for to describe the shift

Holly Devito: 7 Basic Financial Controls Bootstrappers Should Have In Place

The following list is taken from a handout provided by Holly DeVito, CEO of Sum Of All Numbers Payroll and Bookkeeping services, for a briefing she gave at this morning's Bootstrapper Breakfast in Sunnyvale. Basic Controls to Have in Place Receipts: You are required to have a receipt for every expense over $75. It must be

Shake Hands with Eight to Sixteen People

Several conversations this month brought home to me the value of bringing bootstrappers together for a single conversation around a set of real issues or opportunities that at least one person at the table is asking for advice on: You get to "shake hands" with a eight to sixteen people: even though the average breakfast