July is Lean Canvas Planning Month in Silicon Valley

As a short exercise at the breakfast, entrepreneurs will review their lean canvas with the group. We will share how to fill it out and take advantage of it.  It’s not a requirement that you fill out the complete canvas–in fact if it’s your first time it’s recommended that you just focus on Customer, Problem, and Existing Alternatives.  Attendees have to chance to compare notes on their plan and get feedback.

Here are three ways you can fill out a Lean Canvas

  1. Free App: Use the free version of Leanstack available at https://leanstack.com/welcome
  2. Google Doc: Make a copy of https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OrM6LluI938MwED1aoLYnpbHTuGbhQeNI8bJ7WoCjkQ/edit (under File menu “Make a Copy”) This can also be saved as a Word File.
  3. PDF: https://icteuu.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/lean-canvas-poster.pdf


For some background on the Lean Canvas see Ash Maurya’s “Why the Lean Canvas vs. Business Model Canvas” https://blog.leanstack.com/why-lean-canvas-vs-business-model-canvas-af62c0f250f0

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