Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in October 2022

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in October 2022. Online events are offered online at no charge, face to face events have a fee.

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in October 2022

We offer online Bootstrappers Breakfasts® events in three time zones and host face to face events as well. These events are for “entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast.”®

We have a dozen events on offer this month to help you move your business forward. Join us as your interests dictate and your schedule permits.

We are looking for entrepreneurs to share lessons learned: If you have reached a milestone in your entrepreneurial journey and would like to share lessons learned, please contact Theresa Shafer ( to explore scheduling a short briefing at a Bootstrapper Breakfast or a talk at a Lean Culture event. You must have attended a Bootstrapper Breakfast or Lean Culture event to be considered.

Tue Oct 4 8:00 am PDT Las Vegas Bootstrappers Breakfast In Person at Vesta Coffee Roasters

Wed Oct 5 9:00 am CDT Fort Worth Bootstrappers Breakfast In Person at Ol’ South Pancake House

Fri Oct 7 9:30 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) Downtown San Jose

Sat Oct 8 10am PDT Drop In Mastermind for Entrepreneurs (Online)

Mon Oct 10 3:00 pm PDT Drop-In Mastermind: Non-Fiction Writers Group (Online)

Fri Oct 14 9 8:30 am PDT San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person)

Thu Oct 20 8:30 am CDT / 9:30 am EDT / 6:30 am PDT Chicago Bootstrappers Online

Tue Oct 18 8:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfast Online

Tue Oct 18 8:30 am EDT / 7:30 CDT / 5:30 am PDT East Coast Bootstrappers Online

Fri Oct 21 9:00 am PST Mtn View Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) Red Rock

Wed Oct 25 11am PDT Lean Culture Lean Product Principles in a B2B Environment

How do you apply continuous product discovery and lean product principles in a B2B environment?

While the core methodology remains, a number of differences in a B2B setting require tailoring our practices. Join us for this webinar and we’ll share our approach to:

  • Collaborating with sales/marketing teams to gain access to customers
  • Implementing lean discovery practices for the multiple roles involved in the buying process
  • Drawing evidence-based conclusions despite a harder-to-reach set of customers and/or smaller pool of users
  • Responding to product requests from key clients

This is a live webinar, so you’ll have a chance to ask questions during our Q&A session.

Presenter: Holly Hester-Reilly (@hr2productsci) is the Founder and CEO of H2R Product Science, a product management coaching and consulting firm that teaches the science of high-growth product development, and the host of the Product Science Podcast. Holly is a former Columbia University research scientist and has spent the last 15 years leading product initiatives at startups, high-growth companies, and enterprises like FalconX, MediaMath, Shutterstock, The Lean Startup Co, Unilever, Capital One, and Weight Watchers.

Fri Oct 28 9:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfast Online

Featured Event

Wed Oct 12 11:00 PST Lean Culture: Accidental Learnings of an Accidental PM

Business is a complex (not just complicated) endeavor. Most successes happen in spite of errors. And most successes are temporary, depending on your time horizon. Depending on the sources of errors, and your mindset, these can be insanely frustrating, or liberating. Bill Seitz will share some of his learnings, so you can experience more “interesting” errors.

Speaker: Bill Seitz

  • Bill started his first Internet startup the year Mosaic came out.
  • He has built a half-dozen product teams, as combo CTO and CPO, all in different industries, leading to two IPOs (one long-delayed), and one strategic acquisition.
  • But he still can’t afford to retire.

Lightning Round Question for October 2022

Our lightning round question this month:  Bootstrapping and sticking to budget can be a challenge. How do you avoid impulse buying? Do you always know your budget and stick to it?

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