Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in September 2022

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in September 2022. Online events are offered online at no charge, face to face events have a fee.

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in September 2022

We offer online Bootstrappers Breakfasts® events in three time zones and host face to face events as well. These events are for “entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast.”®

We have a dozen events on offer this month to help you move your business forward. Join us as your interests dictate and your schedule permits.

We are looking for entrepreneurs to share lessons learned: If you have reached a milestone in your entrepreneurial journey and would like to share lessons learned, please contact Theresa Shafer ( to explore scheduling a short briefing at a Bootstrapper Breakfast or a talk at a Lean Culture event. You must have attended a Bootstrapper Breakfast or Lean Culture event to be considered.

Fri Sept 2 9:00 am CDT Fort Worth Bootstrappers Breakfast In Person at Ol’ South Pancake House

Fri Sept 2 9:30 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) Downtown San Jose

Tue Sept 6 8:00 am PDT Las Vegas Bootstrappers Breakfast In Person at Vesta Coffee Roasters

Mon Sept 12 3:00 pm PDT Drop-In Mastermind: Non-Fiction Writers Group (Online)

Fri Sept 9 8:30 am PDT San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person)

Sat Sep 10 10am PDT Drop In Mastermind for Entrepreneurs (Online)

Thu Sept 15 8:30 am CDT / 9:30 am EDT / 6:30 am PDT Chicago Bootstrappers Online

Fri Sept 16 9:30 am PDT Mtn View Bootstrappers Breakfast (In Person) Red Rock

Tue Sept 20 8:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfast Online

Featured Event

Wed Sep 21 11am PDT Lean Culture: Startup Leadership : How Entrepreneurs Overcome Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Entrepreneurs don’t set out to become leaders. They’re driven by a desire to create something meaningful, to solve big problems — not necessarily to lead a team of people or an organization.

And even those who do seek out leadership may find themselves at some point in their career scrambling from one emergency to the next, watching employees underperform, dreading conflict with their management team and wondering if there is any method to the madness.

Becoming a better leader isn’t something that happens in a day, or even in a week. Building that set of skills requires intentional thought and effort.

Speaker: Mike Krupit is the founder of Trajectify, helping executives, entrepreneurs and companies achieve their growth objectives and develop opportunities. Beginning as an engineer, he grew from CTO to COO to CEO as he developed his strong sense of leadership. He is the veteran of eight diverse startups, both East and West Coast, and has been a fixture in the booms and busts of the last 35 years.

Tue Sept 20 8:30 am EDT / 7:30 CDT / 5:30 am PDT East Coast Bootstrappers Online

Fri Sept 30 9:00 am PDT Silicon Valley Bootstrapper Breakfast Online

Lightning Round Question for September 2022

Our lightning round question this month:   What are  the top three risks you face in reaching your goals for 2022?  What can you do to mitigate those risks?

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