Apr-15-2022 Breakfast Notes : Global Teams, Reshoring, Hiring

Here are some notes from our April 15, 2022 breakfast at Red Rock in Mountain View. Three topics we discussed were global teams, reshoring, and hiring technical talent for projects. This is not meant to be a detailed recap of the meeting, just high points with resources and tips you may find helpful.

Apr-15-2022 Breakfast Notes : Global Teams, Reshoring, Hiring

Reshoring: we talked about some opportunities
if “reshoring” becomes a significant trend

Global TeamsPlanning and Scheduling Meetings for Global Teams

Hiring part time technical talent for project work

  1. Define the position / project outcomes
  2. Define who will take part in interview process and assess which aspects of capabilities sought
  3. Three largest sources for technical talent are arguably:
  4. Need to plan for a high failure rate / washout rate on potential contributors. Take small steps.

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