Events for Bootstrappers in January 2021

Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in January 2021 we offer six online Bootstrappers Breakfast events at no charge.

Events for Bootstrappers in January 2021: Finding Flow

Events for bootstrappers in Jan 2021: flow needs clear goals, clear feedback, and challenges that match skills

“Flow has a fairly simple set of conditions which I find myself using as a little mental checklist:

  1. Clear goals
  2. Clear feedback about your progress
  3. Matched challenge and skills”

Jono Hey in “Flow

We offer six online Bootstrappers Breakfast® events a month at no charge.

Tue-Jan-5 (moved from Fri-Jan-1) 8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast
Hosts: Sean Murphy and CJ Lipe
Register: Now That 2020 is Behind Us: What Are Your Plans for 2021?

Fri-Jan-8 8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast Online
Hosts: Jordan Geiman and Priyanka Lalwani

Tue-Jan-19 5:30 am PDT / 8:30am EDT East Coast Bootstrappers Breakfast Online
Host: Mike Krupit and Ralph Thorn
Registration options

Tue-Jan-19 8:00am PDT/ 11:00 EDT Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast Online
Hosts: Sean Murphy and CJ Lipe
Register: Finding Flow in the New Normal of 2021

Thu-Jan-21 6:30am PST / 8:30am CST / 9:30am EST MidWest Virtual Bootstrapper Breakfast
Host: Travis Johnson

Thu-Jan-28 11:30am PST / 2:30pm EDT Exit Strategies for Startups
Host: Theresa Shafer

Lean Culture Meetup: James Jimenez of is an accomplished finance partner with over 9 years of experience in operations and corporate finance. James will offer a briefing on things you can do right now that will increase your options for getting acquired later. His expertise has been used to close $50M in acquisitions, manage $1B in revenue, and create $30M+ in cashflow. He’s partnered with top private equity firms like The Carlyle Group & Francisco Partners to strategically increase company valuations.

Fri-Jan-29th 9am PDT/ 12noon EST Silicon Valley Bootstrappers Breakfast Online
Hosts: Sean Murphy and CJ Lipe
Register: What Trends Did 2020 Accelerate for 2021?

SKMurphy Mastermind Open Houses

SKMurphy has two open houses for our paid Mastermind groups. You can get your questions answered about what’s involved in an SKMurphy Mastermind and meet others who are considering joining. The Bootstrapper Breakfasts are a great way to get perspectives on challenges you face, the Mastermind group allows you to meet with the same group of entrepreneurs twice a month for two hours so that over time everyone gets to know everyone else’s business quite well. Learn how a group of trusted peers can give you an extra competitive advantage in your business.

Bootstrapper Breakfast is in it’s 14th Year

The Bootstrapper Breakfasts were started in October of 2006 by Sean Murphy. They were designed as a facilitated roundtable discussion that would entrepreneurs to compare notes, ask for perspectives and insights on challenges they were facing, and provide serious discussions for bootstrapping entrepreneurs who eat problems for breakfast. We are now in our 14th year of operation and rely on key volunteers such as Mike Krupit, Travis Johnson, Priyanka Lalwani, and Jordan Geiman to facilitate events beyond Silicon Valley.

Trademarks: “Bootstrapper Breakfast” and “Entrepreneurs Who Eat Problems For Breakfast” are registered trademarks of SKMurphy, Inc.

Image Credit: “Flow” by Jono Hey of Sketchplanations.

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