Silicon Valley Roundup for October & November 2016

A roundup of events for October & November 2016 for Bootstrappers Breakfast

Cofounder Academy: Explore Your Fit With Potential Startups Mon-Oct-17 at Hacker Dojo. Finding the right startup to join is hard. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. In an effort to help the startup community and provide entrepreneurs with a more effective way to meet and collaborate with other entrepreneurs we developed our small group model that does not require you to go up the microphone at the front of the room of 30 or 50 or 100 people.

We know that building trust takes time so we start with a small-group structured conversation and move forward with potential cofounders from there. Meeting face-to-face, having a serious conversion and starting small can lead to great things! Hundreds of entrepreneurs have expanded their networks and found cofounders because they either met at a Cofounder Academy or Bootstrapper’s Breakfast events. It is difficult for founders and cofounders to find one another. Harder still to develop the necessary confidence and trust that forms the basis of an effective and successful startup team. The Silicon Valley Cofounder Academy is changing that.

Sunnyvale Bootstrappers Breakfast Tue-Oct-18 at 7:30am at Specialty’s 605 Tasman Drive 94089, Sunnyvale, CA across from light rail station. Order at counter, we are at the big table in the back.

“It’s not that I object to work, mind you; I like work; it fascinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours. I love to keep it by me, the idea of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart.” Jerome K. Jerome

Mountain View Bootstrappers Breakfast Fri-Oct-28 9am on 2nd floor of Red Rock Coffee two blocks from Mountain View Train Station. Steven Kim Offers a Briefing on “Deep Work for Bootstrappers: How To Double Your Productivity”

Steven Kim is our featured attendee. He is profiled in Founder Story: Steven Kim of and he will discuss how he applied lessons from Cal Newport’s best-selling book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in A Distracted World to double his work productivity while bootstrapping his startup. Topics will include:

  • Two types of deep work (bimodal vs. rhythmic deep work), the pros and cons of each, and which is better suited for bootstrappers
  • Tips to improve deep work habits to maximize productivity
  • Tools to manage work environment and Internet distractions

Steven is the founder of, a publisher of in-depth chapter-by-chapter summaries of must-read books for business, entrepreneurship and personal improvement, including one for Deep Work. After Steven’s briefing we will have our regular roundtable discussion format and you will have a chance to compare notes on operational, development, and business issues with peer entrepreneurs.

Palo Alto Bootstrappers Breakfast Fri-Nov-4 7:30am at Hobees. Look for us in back room.

San Francisco Bootstrappers Breakfast Wed-Nov-2 at 9am at Specialty’s on 1 Post St.

“You cannot give me too much work; to accumulate work has almost become a passion with me; my study is so full of it now that there is hardly an inch of room for any more.” Jerome K. Jerome

East Bay Bootstrappers Breakfast Tue-Nov-8 9am at Rock Ridge Cafe, 5492 College Ave, Oakland, CA (2 blocks south of Rockridge BART station).

Startup Weekend Santa Clara, November 11 to 13 at Santa Clara University. I will be a mentor for the event

“And I am careful of my work, too. Why, some of the work that I have by me now has been in my possession for years and years, and there isn’t a finger-mark on it. I take great pride i my work; I take it down now and then and dust it. No man keeps his work in a better state of preservation than I do.” Jerome K. Jerome

Sunnyvale Bootstrappers Breakfast Tue-Nov-15-18 at 7:30am at Specialty’s 605 Tasman Drive 94089, Sunnyvale, CA across from light rail station. Order at counter, we are at the big table in the back.

Thanksgiving Day (Nov-24-2016) Potluck for Bootstrappers in San Jose. Don’t have family to visit on Thanksgiving? Join us for Thanksgiving dinner. Bring drinks or your favorite dish to share. We are supplying the turkey and some sides and are looking forward to a Bootstrappers Thanksgiving, Please RSVP if you plan to attend and let us know what you plan to bring so we can get a final headcount. Plan on dropping by around 2pm.

“But, though I crave for work, I still like to be fair. I do not ask for more than my proper share.” Jerome K. Jerome

Mountain View Bootstrappers Breakfast Wed-Dec-28 Note that we are meeting at Red Rock on the Wednesday between Christmas and New Years.

The Bootstrappers Breakfast Is Looking for Entrepreneurs to Share Lessons Learned: If you know someone who would be a good featured attendee at a 2016 Bootstrappers Breakfast we are looking for folks willing to share lessons learned from their entrepreneurial journey. Here are some recaps of recent breakfasts:

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