Baltimore Bootstrappers Breakfast – Welcome Startups!

Coming Soon - BaltimoreI’m pretty excited about starting the Bootstrappers Breakfast in Baltimore. The program has brought together many like-minded entrepreneurs in cities across the country. The conversation is among peers – bootstrapping entrepreneurs helping one another. (Please, no soliciting.)

We’ve had to cap attendance at 36 – three tables of 12. Bigger tables make it difficult to have a conversation. Since the event is free, I know that people will not show. We expect to be at capacity, so if you’ve registered for the event on Sept 19, please keep your RSVP updated – and change your registration if it turns out you won’t be attending.

While the event is free, you are responsible for your own breakfast. City Cafe will do separate checks, even if you just have a coffee. They have a great space for us. We don’t take sponsorships (so you won’t be sold to) and use the restaurant without cost, so breakfast is a small price to have access to this opportunity.

Each of the three tables will have a moderator. Alex Kutsishin of human will join me in moderating. I am in the process of getting one other to help.

Also, check out the Baltimore Super Meetup that Baltimore runs at the beginning of Innovation Week. We’re all invited to network with all of the other Meetups that will be participating during the week-long event.

Thanks! Looking forward to meeting everyone. If you can’t make this first meeting, we’ll be doing it once a month – but if you’re like many of us, you won’t want to miss one 🙂



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