First Midland Breakfast was a great success

By Travis Johnson

Thanks to all the bootstrappers that made it out and to Chris Moultrup and Mid Michigan Innovation Center for hosting!

A quick wrap up of today’s breakfast

  • A young developer is looking to start working on his own project. We say go for it! The world really needs more talented developers building the next new thing!
  • Dustin and Steve who have started a marketing agency have ambitions beyond Midland and want to grow nationally! Reach out if you are in the need of an agency.
  • A young PR executive has thoughts on starting her own company. Currently she manages a blog and produces a lot of great content. If you are a startup in need of content again let me know I will connect.
  • A fellow bootstrapper is considering coming out of retirement and is looking to fill an industrial site that is a large consumer of electricity. One suggestion was to check out data centers!
  • just launched its website that allows people to order custom one off greeting cards. Additionally you can schedule your cards throughout the year. The founder needed some direction on how to test. Let’s help him test by ordering a few custom cards! Any feedback please give through their web page.
  • A microbiologist is currently looking for ways to market a new cigarette smoke odor eraser that actually works. The group throughout hundreds of possible channels. To some up he is going to work on making a simple website to serve as an MVP to sell direct to the consumer to test multiple different target audiences. This is a major change from their current channel.
  • An internet connected bluetooth enabled toothbrush with an accelerometer! That puts my electric toothbrush to shame. They are looking for help refining the tech behind the accelerometer portion.
  • An experienced bootstrapper says his biggest challenge is getting customers to divorce them from their ‘bad’ ways/ideas. One solution discussed is to approach the client and an opportune time. Much easier to ask for a raise when the boss is whistling then when their in a bad mood!

Make sure to register for the next breakfast!

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