Hardware Startups Popular Again in Silicon Valley

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Hardware Startups Popular Again in Silicon Valley

We have seen a significant uptick in hardware related startups in the last two years a the Bootstrappers Breakfast.

RSVP Button For our Tue-Feb-19 breakfast in Sunnyvale we have invited Bob Mattoon of ISC Networks to kickoff our roundtable discussion with a five minute briefing on tips getting a hardware prototype built and managing the transition to production.

Here is a list of other meetups for hardware startups:

Here are four in the South Bay

Here are three in San Francisco

Between open source hardware, extremely low cost micro-controllers, robotic tool kits, 3D printers, and low cost CAD/CAE tools the cost of creating hardware prototypes continues to drop. There are a number of “hacker spaces” that also devote at least some of their working area to hardware, notably

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