Recap From Fri-Feb-7 2014 Breakfast in Palo Alto

Here are some of the topics we covered Friday morning February 7 in Palo Alto:

  • IBM SmartCamp as an opportunity for bootstrappers.
  • Challenges in preparing a catalog of products that leverage 3D printing; related 3D Printing links:
  • Finding early customers and selecting a niche for a new mobile startup
  • Defining a business plan that is not only attractive to customers (e.g. extremely low price per transaction, large selection of features and options), but one that can be bootstrapped, or bootstrapped enough to demonstrate traction that is attractive for investment.
  • Risk identification and risk management in bringing a new medical device to market. One Silicon Valley group to network in is
  • Where to get help rehearsing an investor pitch. The ability to start, even with a lower level of progress or to bootstrap to demonstrate traction allows you to make an investor presentation that “we can go faster without you but we are started now and gaining traction” instead of “we cannot get started without you” or “we will run out of money in a few months unless you fund us.” Some links
  • Events and co-working venues where newcomers can orient to Silicon Valley and network with other entrepreneurs.
  • Meetup
  • Workit Calendar
  • HackerDojo CoWorking
  • TechShop CoWorking
  • SVForum events
  • Startup Jobs

Please note that any links or advice offered is based on remarks from entrepreneurs at one meeting and is not an endorsement by the Bootstrappers Breakfast any particular organization, event, or strategy.

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